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Moving On Up January 19, 2007

Posted by Giddy Tigress in Work.
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There are several methods one can employ to move up or get promoted within a company:
• Work hard to get promoted: The conventional way
• Lie back and relax, do what you have been doing, as long as you don’t make anyone angry: Good to be used in Japanese companies, where you are guaranteed a promotion if you have the right seniority level.
• Leave the company and get rehired in a few months: Latest method used. More often than not, when one gets rehired, they are hired at a much higher post and of course, fatter pay packet.

Method 3 is gaining popularity nowadays. Which one would you choose?


A Near Miss January 18, 2007

Posted by Giddy Tigress in Work.
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I nearly got knocked down by a car today.

And it happened in my working place car park too! I tell you, my workplace car park is really a dangerous place. Cars hardly stop or slow down for passing pedestrians, not even at the pedestrian crossings! Once, when I was still pregnant, I was on the verge of crossing the road in my company’s car park. I stood at the pedestrian crossing, and started to cross the road. A car was slowly approaching the crossing, and when the driver saw me, instead of slowing down, he sped up instead!


In stark contrast is my hubby’s work place. Drivers get warning letters for not stopping at pedestrian crossings, pedestrians get reprimanded for not using pedestrian crossings, and cars who do not abide by these rules are banned from entering the company’s premises.

Now that’s what I call proper enforcement.

Capturing My Thoughts January 17, 2007

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I think a lot.

Captured here are words reflecting my thoughts, my life experiences, my observances and how much they have enriched me (and sometimes provoked me) each day.