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We have moved! February 22, 2007

Posted by Giddy Tigress in Miscellanous.
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We have moved to http://giddytigers.com.

Please update your links and bookmarks accordingly.


Lasting Friendships February 8, 2007

Posted by Giddy Tigress in Breastfeeding, Friends.

Breastfeeding has many perks. The usual advantages which are proclaimed to the world, to name a few, are:
* breastfed babies will have higher immunities against illnesses
* mommies who breastfeed will regain their svelte figure in no time
* mommies who breastfeed have a lower risk of getting ovarian cancer
* mommies have stronger bonds with babies when they breastfeed

However, one of the perks of breastfeeding which is rarely publicized is “widening one’s circle of friends”. Being a breastfeeding mommy has not been easy. Even more so if you’re a working mom like myself. Between juggling time for work and to express milk during working hours, you simply have no time for yourself.

When I went back to work after delivering baby, I began to meet many mothers, all of whom were in the same boat as I am: The Breastfeeding Moomie boat. We chatted about everything and anything under the sun and moon, but mostly about our kids. Okay…you got me. Sometimes we gossipped too. Hehehe….but that’s besides the point. Our paths would have never crossed had we not decided that breastfeeding was the way to go. In a way, breastfeeding has created many beautiful friendships for me, and I am grateful for all the friends I have made through breastfeeding.

We don’t meet each other too regularly nowadays, because some of them have stopped expressing milk at work. But we do make it a point to meet up for lunch about once a month, just to catch up on what each other is doing and also to enjoy some good food together.

Priceless moments? You bet.

Chee Cheong Fun February 7, 2007

Posted by Giddy Tigress in Food.

For years, hubbs and I have steered clear from eating chee cheong fun. The chee cheong fun that I am referring to is the Penang chee cheong fun, the kind that is served with “hair-ko” (prawn paste in Hokkien) and sesame seeds.
We just didn’t like the taste of it, and hubbs even said it gave him a headache. For me, it was just plain weird.

“Hair-ko” in laksa is divine, so that’s not the culprit. Neither was it the chee cheong fun, cos I LOVE to eat “toong-ku-chap-chee-cheong fun” (chee cheong fun with mushroom sauce), especially the one I get from dear Ipoh.

But recently, I think last week, hubbs suggested we bite the bullet and try chee cheong fun (what??!!)… Anyway, my parents claim that the chee cheong fun in Super Tanker is the best ever, so we figured, might as well go for the best, right?

You know what..? It didn’t taste THAT bad at all. In fact, to cut a long story short, since that day, we have gone back and walloped 2 more plates. We’ve not have the courage to finish one plate *each* yet, but I don’t see why not?

Lucky Me February 5, 2007

Posted by Giddy Tigress in Miscellanous.

Last Tuesday evening, I received a phone call from someone in Sunshine Square, saying that I have been picked as one of the winners for their lucky draw contest, held in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. Thing is… my price had not been determined yet, and I was asked to be present for the LIVE prize determination and prize giving ceremony on Saturday. There were 21 winners shortlisted for the grand draw and the GRAND prize was worth RM8,888 in a combination of cash, vouchers and as hamper.

Whoa…I definitely wanna go. Pete was asking if I dreamt of winning the grand prize…hehe…sure got la.
It had been some time since I won a contest. I LOVE entering contests, especially those requiring a slogan since I don’t have to rely on pure LUCK to win. So far, I have won CDs, cosmetics and skincare products, books, and the best prize so far which I’d won: a trip to Club Med Cherating for 2 (this one I won on LUCK).

So anyway, off we went to the LIVE thingy on Saturday. It was jam-packed cos it also coincided with the one-day sale. Lots of RED everywhere to mark that Chinese New Year’s coming.

After waiting for like half an hour for the draw to start, it finally did. There were 3 groups of angpows displayed on the stage:

Group 1: The VIP would pick and angpow from this group to determine which shortlisted winner would go up to the stage.

Group 2: The shortlisted winner would pick an angpow from this group to determine the prize.

Group 3: Only for 4 main prize winners (Grand, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize) to pick.

I think I might have some superhuman powers cos I could FEEL like the first name called would be mine. Aiyo…I didn’t wanna go first, but what to do…
So I picked an angpow, and got…… RM100 shopping voucher (6th prize) – Not the grand prize la, but better than those who got RM50 vouchers..Nyeh-heh-heh….

Funny thing though, Pete noticed. None of the grand prize winners went like “YesssSSSSSS!!!!” and jumped up and down. Never mind, next round I enter with his name and then if he gets to go for the lucky draw, and wins…he can show them how it should be done.

Amazing Girls! February 1, 2007

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Wooooweeee!!! The team I supported from the very beginning of the Amazing Race -Asian Edition has won! Joe Jer and Zabrina, the first ALL-GIRL team to win the Amazing Race EVER, walked away with prize money worth USD100,000. Salivating oni me…thinking of all the moolah.

Truly girl power, simply amazing! You go girrlsss!!! It took every bit of grit, wit and (might I add) a little bit of lady luck to win.

I’m already looking forward to the next season…what will I do on Thursday nights now?

The Sound of Music January 30, 2007

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Yesterday night, while nursing Ethan to sleep, I managed to catch a bit of the SAG awards on the telly. That’s Screen Actors’ Guild awards to the uninitiated. Apart from the usual hooha of actors and actresses dressed to the nines (hey, I love watching the awards for these too, mind you!), there was a honorable award presented to Julie Andrews. By the way, I must have been living in a cave all these years, cos I just found out that she is now DAME Julie Andrews.

Anyway, during the flashback of her accomplishments in life, I was reminded of how much I loved the famous musical she starred in, The Sound of Music, where she memorably portrayed Maria von Trapp. My Mom was the one who introduced me to this wonderful family musical, and eventually, I learnt all the songs in it by heart. Endearing songs, that will forever be remembered by generations to come.

About 2 years back, my parents and I went to see the broadway version of The Sound of Music, but it was still the original silver screen version which stood out more.

For me, Julie Andrews will forever be synonymous with The Sound of Music. What will my name be synonymous with in future?

Learning Mandarin at Home January 30, 2007

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I can’t believe I got hooked AGAIN.

For years, I have been able to successfully avoid getting Chinese-serial-hooked and NOW it has happened again. And it’s not even the conventional Cantonese Wah Lai Toi serials I’m referring to. It all started when we let Ethan watch the closing credits song of the Hokkien drama serial on AEC at about 7-ish pm. The TV was still on after that, and I got hooked onto Love Concierge, a Mandarin drama serial produced in Singapore. Hey, I can’t speak and understand Mandarin to save my life, okay? So thank goodness for subtitles… Malay ones, but it really helped me understand the show.

What can I say? Maybe it’s the premise of the show based around wedding planning which I like, or maybe it’s cos I am deprived of Chinese TV serials.

Anyway you look at it… I am hooked.

Helping Ourselves January 29, 2007

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We don’t have hired help.
We ARE our own hired help.
My hubby and I are not at all comfortable with having strangers in our house, much less going around the house cleaning every nook and cranny. I know I know – we are extremely fussy that way, but we really prefer to do the household chores ourselves.

Since the arrival of our baby boy, cleaning the house has become more demanding and extremely necessary. We would take turns cleaning while the other takes care of baby. It’s difficult but well worth the effort.

And the results are priceless.

We Need More of These January 25, 2007

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Today as I was leaving my apartment for work, I witnessed a fellow apartment neighbor watering the plants in the common lobby area. Immediately after I ask my hubby “Why is she watering the plants?”, I kicked myself mentally.

Why, I thought…these are the people society really needs. People who look beyond themselves and offer a helping hand regardless of creed or color. When I was young, the media preached “Semangat Kejiranan” all day long. What I saw this morning is really Semangat Kejiranan in practice.

To my fellow neighbor, I salute you. I wish everyone could use you as an example and emulate your good deeds.

Now what can I contribute to my society?

After Baby’s Arrival…What Next? January 23, 2007

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One of the dilemmas faced by working parents is the task of looking for a reliable and trustworthy babysitter… someone to look after their precious one while they are bringing in the dough.

My hubby and I are united in deciding we want a daycare babysitter only. For one, we decided to breastfeed our boy and breastfeeding at night is a surefire way to keep the milk supply going. Plus… we find it such a joy to come back from work to face a cheerful and happy baby. Seriously, looking after baby is so much more fun than dreary work. I kid you not.

I honestly cannot understand why some parents would voluntarily choose to have their babies taken care of by total strangers, in the guise of babysitters. Some quote the excuse “I don’t know how to take care of babies” – then why have babies in the first place?
Parenthood is a lifetime learning experience, and there are so many lessons we learn each day.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and learn my lesson of the day now.